MX5 upgrades

We have been working on improving our already very capable NC platform over the last 6 months. We started with a front brake pad change to Pagid pads and some race brake fluid and took the car to the Pukekohe track to establish some baseline lap times to gauge future modifications on.We then fitted KYB uprated sport shocks and Eibach springs as well as larger front and rear anti roll bars and went back to the track. the result was lap times 4 seconds better than the factory set up. The next stage was to remove the motor and transmission and replace the motor with a late model Mazda 6 2.5litre motor.while we had everything apart we fittedĀ  a light flywheel and an uprated clutch as well as a set of fairly mild cams to get some power at the upper end of the rev range. The gearbox was checked while it was out with nothing needed except an oil change. The result has been very pleasing with loads of torque starting from around 2500 rpm and making power to 7000rpm with a redline of 7500rpm. Although not startling HP atno. 1 205 We are pretty sure with the torque available that it will be pretty quick on the track.At this point in time we are waiting for a chance to get it to the track to see. We have some other mods in the pipeline and will be making these available to customers as they soon as they are fitted and tested. Once it is thoroughly tested the 2.5 litre conversion will be available as a drive in drive out option or we can supply parts and know how to help you do your own conversion. watch this space. Kevin.