About Us

Redline Enterprises owner operator, Kevin Hunt is considered by many as an engineering maestro, his knowledge and skill makes him a genuine “jack of all trades”.

He has over 38 years in the industry and his ability to look at a problem and find a solution is unsurpassed and his reputation for attention to detail is second to none.



Kevin has a passion for motor sport and has designed, built and developed many race cars over the years and is still very much involved in sports car racing today.

Kevin has a specialized automotive engineering and circuit racing background and enjoy’s helping the track day enthusiast or fully fledged racer get their car, prepared for race and track days.

Regardless of what your requirement or engineering problem is, and before you spend valuable and unnecessary money, talk to Kevin, you will be glad you did.


Products and specialities

General Engineering


Design and build services

Engine Rebuilds

Race Car fabrication and preparation

Race or Track day car preparation

Brake, Suspension, Drive-Train & Engine upgrades & modification

Trailer design and manufacture, including hydraulic