Motor Sport

Kevin Hunt – Race Car Driver, Race Car Manufacturer and Engineer.

As a mechanic in his early working life Kevin Hunt always had petrol in his blood, but it was only  after about 30 years in the engineering industry that he finally had the opportunity to be involved with Motorsport.

His racing career started in Speedway racing  a 3/4 Midget , and after 6 very successful years he built his first Sports Car and got involved in Circuit Racing .

In 1998 Kevin set up a business (Redline Performance Cars) building the beautiful Redline Sports Cars based on the sleek little Lola Mk1 of the 1960’s. The cars were an immediate success with racers and the cars are still the cars to beat in Clubman Sports Car racing today. Kevin and his team built 35 cars but not just for the race track, there was a road going Redline aptly named the ‘Road Sport’ model and like his Redline race cars, they to are a very sought after possession.

Final Round CD 286

With Kevin actively involved in the motorsport scene around North Island tracks and with his engineering mind it became increasingly obvious to him that although many of the weekend racers could afford a race car, they often struggled to get the maximum performance out of their cars.

He quickly realized that there was a need for someone like himself and with his immense experience in modifying, building and racing cars to get alongside and assist drivers and enthusiasts on race or track days.

It is with this in mind that he offers his expert services to make motor racing a more enjoyable experience for the many weekend warriors racing today.  Kevin has a fully equipped workshop and mainly works by himself these days, so he can offer you personal one on one attention and advice.