Track Day Assistance


Whether you have a serious race car or club car, Kevin can help you maximize your car’s performance at the track.

Having the right car set up makes all the difference out on the race track,  from the right tyre pressure through to brake systems, suspension set up, engine components and your cooling system, these are all critical to car performance and safety.

Kevin can guide you in making cost effective decisions based on reliability, safety and the performance you want from your vehicle.

“I constantly see drivers spending so much money on engine development to go faster, when because of poor car setup they actually end up with slower lap times” says Kevin.

Track day car preparation is Kevin’s specialty and not only can he set your car up to handle the way it should, he can assist you with the ongoing maintenance.

Driver training is another key ingredient that is often overlooked but can add so much in helping reduce your lap times and make you safer on the track.

Kevin is an excellent driver coach and is well known for his very smooth and accurate driving style.

So give Kevin a call today and arrange a time to discuss your needs, it may well be the best move you make!