Redline Cars History

From 1998 to 2006 Redline Performance Cars (RPC) were manufactured in Kevin Hunt’s Waimaukau engineering workshop and in total 35 cars were produced.


A remarkable achievement for a small West Auckland business, and with Kevin’s meticulous manufacturing standards these beautiful little sports cars quickly gained a reputation for appearance and performance.

In 2006 Kevin sold the ‘RPC’ manufacturing business and the new owner unfortunately moved the operation to the UK.

With its Porsche beating power-to-weight ratio, the Redline ‘Sprint’ is a proficient circuit racer and is still the car to beat in any Clubman Sports Car race events today.

Kevin is quick to point out that “these ‘RPC’ cars are not replicas, but originally designed in New Zealand  capturing the essence of a number of Classic Sports Cars of the 50’s and 60’s era.  Because of their limited production and hand-built nature they will continue to be sought after as time goes on.  Current resale value of cars supports this.

Kevin’s involvement in the newly formed and very successful Clubman Sports Car Racing series (CSCR), has kept him involved in the maintenance and development of the current group of RPC cars racing. Kevin also raced his own Redline car in the series and in the two classes available ‘RPC’ cars won both.

For more photos of the race and road version of the Redline visit the ‘Gallery’ tab.